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Our Story

Family winemaker John Bambury is the grandson of Catherine Bonneau who first conceived of a vineyard on the family’s farmland in Sonoma. He has been spearheading all winemaking operations on behalf of the family business since 2000.

His inaugural release of the 2002 Bonneau Los Carneros Chardonnay has led to more than a dozen widely acclaimed vintages in a growing array of varietals and styles – all of them carefully handcrafted by John and his team.

In the spirit of his ancestors, John is a visionary of sorts himself. His respect for nature and the land is part and parcel to what drives his passion as both an artisan and businessman.

He recalls one crisp morning peering out the back porch across the beauty of the land settled by his ancestors. There in the shadows of the famed Mayacama mountains, he watched as a majestic Great White Egret flew in to rest among the vineyard plantings. For John, at that moment, the once endangered creature sealed a promise of putting nature first in all of his work. This moment also sparked the inspiration for his beautifully crafted Egret line of wines, the sales of which provide support to Audubon California in their ongoing land restoration projects for the protection of migratory birds and other animals.

Today, John Bambury is still at the helm of his boutique family operation. When he’s not in the vineyard, John can be found in the cellar working the magic that comes from a legacy of generations of growers and a dozen successful vintages in Sonoma and beyond.

Fittingly, John is particularly proud of each and every release of his award-winning Bonneau Estate Chardonnay, the masterfully crafted wine that first fulfilled the family’s dream; the wine that represents the best of the family estate, the fruit of their labor, and the splendor of what hard work and dedication can achieve.

The highly distinguished Bambury Wine Collection captures this essence in  three lines of wines, each with its own distinguishing character: at its heart is the world-class namesake Bonneau line of wine, which every year continues to honor the family’s pioneering roots, joined by Egret wines dedicated to saving the environment, and the extremely limited release Opal Moon.

The name Opal Moon refers to October’s birthstone in honor of the fall harvest season and birth of the newest wine vintage. During this time, some of the best wines start with grapes harvested under the soft light of the moon.

In the spirit of supporting a local community of fellow craft winemakers, John Bambury has generously opened up his state-of-the-art wine production facility – also named Opal Moon – to accommodate over a dozen highly-acclaimed wine artisans.  Here, John’s expertise and success is magnified, as his winery shares in helping create a finer wine world overall, right alongside The Bambury Wine Collection.

In building the Collection, John and his family don’t get caught up in counting the many awards and honors earned each year, vintage after vintage. Instead, much like a curated art collection, the ultimate goal is to contribute to the enjoyment of appreciative fans who partake of its artistry.

That is the highest honor and achievement of all.
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